Enter the AI Personal Computer…

Imagine working on your computer…

You pull up Microsoft Office, Excel or PowerPoint…

And boom, there’s an Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant to help you create whatever document, spreadsheet or presentation you’re working on.

You won’t need to open ChatGPT or any other AI chatbot…

You just tap into the AI that is already built into your computer.

The Future of Computing with AI PC …

Major PC vendors, Lenovo, Dell and HP plan to launch AI PCs in 2024.

They’ll come with the standard Central Processing Unit (CPUs) and Graphics Processing Unit (GPUs) that all advanced computers are outfitted with today.

In addition, some experts argue AI PCs will need to have Neural Processing Units (NPUs), which allow for AI to be run locally on the computers themselves.

It will also mean AI PCs will need additional memory, storage and GPUs.

The biggest benefit of AI PCs is, you’ll be able to move AI applications from the cloud to the local PC — even one disconnected from the internet.

Ultimately, this will reduce cloud computing costs, improve security, and enhance privacy.

The AI PC market could soar 237% over the next three years!

Research firm Gartner expects Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to ship 54.5 million AI PCs globally in 2024 – more than DOUBLE the 24 million units that were sent out in 2023.

And in 2025, shipments of AI PCs could more than double again with 116 million units.

That would boost the AI PC market share from 10% of total PC shipments to 22% in 2024 and 43% in 2025.

Meanwhile, research firm IDC also predicts massive growth with more than 167 million units by 2027 – representing 237% growth from today.

And global tech firm Canalys predicts by 2027, 60% of PCs will be ‘AI-capable’.

In short, AI will create a renaissance in the PC market…

And this coming AI PC super-cycle will unlock some compelling opportunities in PC stocks as well as chipmakers and server and storage providers! To be the first to know about these opportunities make sure you are signed up to South African Investor.

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