New technology shifts aren’t successful overnight.

They don’t truly go mainstream and change the world – until they become accessible to the masses.

Think of the World Wide Web for instance…

It was invented in 1989, but only became public in 1993.

It took until 2005 for millions of people to experience “online”.

But we weren’t really using the internet and taking full advantage of all it had to offer until the smartphone arrived.

That device put the power of the internet in millions of people’s hands.

It made the internet accessible.

It unlocked a completely new degree of freedom to explore the internet, learn about it, understand its value, and use it to your advantage.

Over the next decade, thousands of apps launched across billions of phones, creating an entire Digital Economy that is now worth trillions of dollars.

Have we reached the tipping point?

Back in November this tech industry exploded into the mainstream…

….Artificial Intelligence! (Discover two ways to play this megatrend right here)

In the form of OpenAI’s– ChatGPT.

ChatGPT’s purpose is to create an AI that can do almost anything.

ChatGPT can answer any question about the history of the stock market or explain complex topics in simple terms. It can help with algebra homework, write advertisements, draft resumes, give relationship advice, write music, crack jokes – even pass the University of Minnesota Law School’s final exams.

And since its release, ChatGPT has shot up in popularity.

In just two months, it surpassed 100 million active users. this is the fastest any tech has ever garnered 100 million users…

It took Facebook 4.5 years!

Not even TikTok has done it that fast– the most viral social media app of all time took nine months.

And its not just consumers who’ve jumped on board fast… WE’re talking the biggest tech companies in the world are scrambling for position.

Microsoft (MSFT) – OpenAI’s biggest investor – has integrated ChatGPT’s technology into its Bing Search Engine, as well as its entire suite of productivity software, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Alphabet has launched its own ChatGPT competitor, an AI chatbot called Bard.

Chinese tech giants Alibaba (BABA) and Baidu (BIDU) have launched their own
AI chatbots. So have countless other small/medium-cap tech firms.

And Google search interest in AI has soared to all-time highs, reaching levels about 10X where they were last year.

One thing’s for sure:

AI could change just about everything, and in the process will explode into a multi-trillion dollar industry

In fact, ARK Invest projects AI software will grow at a 42% compound annual rate to reach $14 trillion by the end of the decade.

And they’re not the only ones…

According to PwC, this sector could represent a $15.7 trillion opportunity for investors by 2030.

“As humans and machines collaborate more closely, and AI innovations come out of the research lab and into the mainstream, the transformational possibilities are staggering.”

Tipping point or not…

AI is going to transform how we interact with technology over the next few years, while creating historic investment opportunities.

It’s definitely one explosive tech trend you can still get in on the ground floor.

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