Introducing AMD’s “AI Super chip”…

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has already benefited greatly from the AI frenzy, with their stock price more than doubling in 2023.

But this could just be the beginning…

Earlier this month, AMD released their MI300X and MI300A accelerated processing units, which were built to power large language model (LLM) training.

This new hardware is not only another option for companies trying to acquire the extremely scarce and expensive A100 and H100s, but it’s possibly a superior option as well.

Well that’s according to AMD’s CEO Lisa Su who says, “The MI300X “is the highest performing accelerator in the world.”

AMD claims that the MI300X will offer computing speeds up to 1.6 times faster than Nvidia’s current H100 HGX chip.

The MI300x also boasts a whopping 192GB of high-bandwidth memory – twice as much memory as the H100.

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AMD has a few big customers lined up for its new AI chips

Microsoft is rolling out a new virtual server series on Azure powered by the MI300X…

Meta will use the MI300X for various AI inference workloads…

Dell, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Lenovo, and Supermicro are planning systems built around AMD’s new AI products.

Providing an alternative to NVIDIA’s chips should be a huge money-making opportunity for AMD.

In fact, AMD plans to sell more than $2 billion worth of AI chips in 2024, up from essentially nothing today.

AMD also made another interesting AI announcement…

It was regarding their Ryzen processors.

The company revealed improvements that will allow for native AI functions to be brought to mobile devices.

Reportedly, the new Ryzen 8040 would also make video editing up to 65% faster and gaming 77% faster than competing products.

Products that integrate the new Ryzen processors should be available for purchase in Q1 2024.

So as the competition heats up, the market for AI Chips is expected to grow to $25 billion this year.

By 2027, it could be worth an eye-popping $400 billion – That’s 16x growth from today!

Ultimately, there’ll be plenty of opportunities for investors to make good profits., which we will uncover in the South African Investor in 2024.

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