2023 was a big year for these three sectors, and thanks to upcoming developments I’ll share with you now, they should continue to boom in 2024 and help you profit.

Let’s take a look…

2024 sector to watch #1: The Nuclear Renaissance is just warming up…

2023 has been the year of the “Nuclear Renaissance” – A massive global shift towards nuclear power as a viable green energy solution.

And it’s been good for one particular resource – Yellowcake – otherwise known as


At the recent 2023 UN Climate Conference – COP28 – in Dubai, 22 nations joined the Net-Zero Nuclear Initiative.

The big promise that grabbed my attention was the agreement by these nations to triple the number of nuclear reactors in the world in this decade.

Considering it often takes that long to get planning permission, it’s an extremely ambitious forecast.

However, if the global economy comes even close to building that many reactors it would be a boon for the global nuclear industry. It could also help nations become more energy independent, while reducing the impact of climate change.

Currently, there are 59 reactors under construction with a total capacity of 66 GWe.

And this means, we’re going to need lots more uranium That’s because every new reactor requires three years of uranium fuel for its initial core loading.

Hence why the World Nuclear Association (WNA) expects at least double-digit growth in demand for uranium this decade.

Since 2011—post-Fukushima—the global uranium market has been in massive surplus as Japan’s 50 reactors came offline and global uranium supply surged—primarily from Kazakhstan.

However, that’s all changed…

For the first time in history, uranium has slipped into a persistent and widening deficit. And this pivotal inflection point could force the price higher by as much as three-to four-fold over the next several years.

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2024 sector to watch #2: Bitcoin’s next major milestone

The big story for Bitcoin (and cryptos) in 2024 is the ETF-approval.

There are huge names lining up for spot-priced bitcoin ETFs. Combined, they currently manage tens of trillions in AUM.

NYDIG, a crypto research firm, estimates a Spot Bitcoin ETF could see $30 billion in demand on day one. The fund would need access to tens of thousands of bitcoins just to cover that initial demand.

Since Bitcoin is a finite asset (only 21 million will ever exist), higher demand should inevitably lead to higher prices.

Also don’t forget, 2024 is Bitcoin’s next “halving.”

The Bitcoin halving is an event (typically every four years) where the reward for mining new blocks is halved, meaning miners receive 50% fewer Bitcoins for verifying transactions.
Historically, there is a clear correlation between Bitcoin reward halving and price movement afterward.

With so many upcoming positive developments, 2024 could really be a big year for Bitcoin (and crypto) investors.

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2024 sector to watch #3: AI transforming entire industries

Ever since the AI frenzy unofficially began with the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT last November, the technology has made incredible waves across many industries.

For example…

AI systems are filling assistant duties. They generate meeting notes without any human intervention.

You’ll get an executive summary and topic-based notes within seconds.

Or take medicine…AI is better at detecting cancer than human doctors.

AI helps computer programmers find and correct errors in code…

NASA uses AI to design superior spaceship parts, which are stronger and lighter than anything a human designer could come up with…

The decades-in-the-making AI Revolution has only just begun.

And over the next few years, it will only accelerate in its proliferation, dramatically impacting entire industries.

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