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Why has Iron Ore soared over 35% since May?

Like many other commodities, Iron Ore started 2023 on a high note.From January to mid-March, it rallied over 23% higher.From there, the Iron Ore (and other commodities) price started to turn…and head in the other direction.But surprisingly the direction changed after it dipped below $100 in late May.Since then, it has soared over 35%! So why the about turn for Iron ore when many other commodities have not followed suit?

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Don’t worry, we’re not running out of oil soon

The price of WTI oil is up from around $80 in August to $91.54, similarly brent crude oil is up from $84 to $95 last week.These sudden increases in the oil price are not great news for inflation in the short term…Energy and fuel are some of the greatest components of our inflation basket.If fuel prices rise, so do transport costs, food production costs, fertilizer costs…And when inflation rises – so do interest rates. But why are oil prices rising?

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China’s race to corner the market could ignite another big lithium rally!

Over the past 30 years, lithium has become a prized resource. It’s a vital component of batteries that power you phone, laptop and Electric Vehicles (EVs). So, it’s no wonder why China is trying to corner the entire lithium market!
10 of the last 20 major lithium mines put up for sale were bought by China. Committing $12.3 billion to secure these prized assets in North America, South America, Africa, and even Australia.
Why? Well, there are a few reasons…

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