A few days ago I told you how Morgan Stanley has dubbed uranium “the hottest commodity for 2024”, and more importantly how it could lead to you 2×, 3× even 10×’g your money. And now its been confirmed – uranium has officially been added to the Global Critical Mineral’s list.

You see the global demand for consistent, reliable, and renewable energy has ushered in a “Nuclear (and Uranium) Revival” and its driven the price of uranium to highs not seen since 2007.

But there’s a massive supply squeeze. And this has created a perfect setup for uranium to rally higher.

There are three key uranium players who are perfectly positioned to capitalise on this demand.

My first, is a pure uranium play – it’s a small but fast-growing company that’s advancing the next generation of
low-cost, environmentally friendly In-Situ Recovery (ISR) mining uranium projects.

My second and third plays are both Ozzie small cap uranium miners – Bot have just secured some crucial projects which when they start producing could create a massive money making opportunity.

Of course, investing in uranium and uranium stocks is not without risk, thanks to its volatility, but as I’ve explained in my recent Money Morning articles, the long term investment case for uranium is solid with huge profit potential.

Price pullbacks are healthy and inevitable. Remember, bull markets don’t go up in a straight line. It will be a bumpy ride. The best way to ride the uranium bull market is to invest small amounts and use any pullbacks to buy more shares at cheaper prices.

If you’d like to get the complete research and ticker symbols on these three uranium plays, then get my latest issue of South African Investor here.

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