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How the misfortune of supply ship, Ever Given changed the world…

In 2021 one of the world’s biggest ships, the Ever Given, got stuck in the Suez Canal for six days. It dammed up hundreds of ships – and cost world trade $10 billion per day! It should’ve been a big wake up call for the shipping industry – and the aftermath of supply chain problems it, together with the Covid pandemic, created should have changed how businesses manage their supply chains. But today very little has changed.

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Property investment strategies: How to start your own property empire with just R10,000 down

Here’s an excerpt from my special report, How to start your own property empire with just R10,000 down. In it, I detail one of 4 key property investment strategies every property investor should employ. I call it, OPM: The best way to create REAL wealth from property. Let me explain….

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World trade has become more complicated – here’s who could benefit

For centuries the oceans have been an important avenue for world trade. And today 80% of world trade volumes are conducted via the ocean. Roughly R5.1 trillion trade passes through the Panama Canal and as much as R19 trillion worth of goods pass through the Suez Canal annually! And right now both of these vital trade routes are at risk…

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What does 2024 hold for South Africa’s property market?

At the start of 2024 I always consider different market sectors, and how they’ll perform. South Africa’s property market, listed and real property, is one of my favourite sectors – so it enjoys a fair bit of my attention. SO – what does property market hold for 2024? And what will be the drivers behind its trends?

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